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Hey There!

We're the dogs behind Double Dog Farm & Floral.

Blu (left) and Maize (right). 



January 6, 2012-January 20, 2023

Happy go lucky, loves to snuggle, couch potato, the sweetest, mommas boy



January 6, 2012-July 29, 2021

So sensitive, affectionate, fast, smart, adventure seeker, daddy's girl

When deciding on a name for our farm, we instantly knew we wanted our beloved Great Danes included. You see, they helped us get here today. They taught us to slow down and appreciate life; they got us out in nature where we felt at peace, play and adventure became part of our everyday; and home became our retreat. They have been right by our sides when we’ve worked on our properties over the years gardening, landscaping, exploring, etc. We would take trips together all over the Midwest to cabins where we could hike, be in nature, and explore. We did this for many years until one day we thought, "Why don’t we live a cabin trip every day?". Our goal was to focus on a more simplified and intentional family life. Hoping to use homesteading practices to live more sustainable. That year, we put our house, which was in an HOA, on the market, and it sold within 3 months. We had dreams of a country property on 3–5 acres. Well, this was the worst housing market in a decade for buyers, so it took another 10 months, many flops, a few rejections, and adjusting our expectations to finally come home. We are now so grateful to have a little piece of country on a few acres in the middle of the city, and our dream now is to share it with you, our community, in honor of our Maize and Blu. We hope this section has helped you come to know our story, and we look forward to meeting you and being part of your family stories as well.

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